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Ursula Alexander-Smith

Past President

As a 4 year old I was taught to knit continental style and, as I got older, I became a profuse knitter and sewer. My parent's house was small and my mother orchestrated that a large floor loom be dropped on my verandah, as the relos were coming from overseas. I presumed they would pick it up one day but no! 35 years later it is still in my lounge room.

After they passed, my sister sent over mother's spinning wheel. I embarked on a journey and found the Guild in Shakespeare St. in order to learn spinning and weaving. There were issues though. There were no teachers available to teach weaving and I accosted a lady in Spotlight with a Guild badge on, to see where I could learn to spin. She actually came to my house and taught me about the wheel and there began the Bunurong Spinners and Weavers journey. Currently [and for a long time] I am the chair person.

I discovered my mothers' craft journey to Harrietville and the Woollen Mills by accident and met people I had known for most of my life but had never associated them with spinning and weaving.

I completed a Certificate in Spinning and then became the president of the Guild. I'm now completing a Certificate in 4 shaft weaving.

My Skill??? Entertainment and caring for others. The Guild and its' affiliated Groups has become my tribe.

Ursula Alexander-Smith
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