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The Guild has a rich history that dates back to middle of the last century.  In 2014 we celebrated our 60th anniversary.   Download an overview of our history.

2010s - The Guild today

In 2016 the Guild improves its reach on the Internet, with classes and workshop bookings available online through WeTeachMe, and making the newsletter Treadles available electronically to registered members.


In 2011 the Guild was advised that its home in Shakespeare Street was no longer available. After considering a range of alternatives, it was decided to relocate to 655 Nicholson Street which provided a retail shopfront. Thereby giving greater prominence to the Craft Supply and Gallery while providing room to house the library and other Guild equipment.

2000 - A new century

2000 - Moves to the North Carlton Scout Hall in Shakespeare Street. So much work had to be done to prepare the hall for the first meeting in February 2000.

2000 - The Guild has had a Newsletter since 1952. In 2000 a competition to name the newsletter resulted in Treadles being born.


The Meat Market had continuous exhibitions to promote the crafts. Marie Williams and her committee organised. Opulence -1990, featuring silk; Spring Fling -1991;Breaking with Tradition - 1993; Rags to Riches -1994 and the Autumn Collection -1995.


1985 - The Guild moves to the Meat Market Craft Centre in North Melbourne


1974 - Country Conferences commences.

1971 - the membership had grown to over 1000 members.

Although Workshops were a feature of Guild meetings from the start, classes did not commence until 1970.


1964 - Committee votes to hold a competition for the design of a Guild logo.

1950s - In the beginning

1954 - The very first Guild meeting was held in the Public Library Theatre in Swanston Street on 21st April 1954.

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