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The Gallery

The Gallery is the first thing you will see when you visit the Guild.  It is a showcase of the craft and skill of the Guild's members.  

All items in the Gallery are handcrafted by our members and are for sale.  A commission is paid to the Guild on all goods sold. 

In the Gallery you will find for sale

  • A variety of handspun yarn - wool, alpaca, and other exotics fibres

  • Knitted Clothing and accessories - hats, gloves, socks, jumpers and vests

  • Textiles - woven garments, as well as blankets

  • Children's toys

  • Secondhand equipment - spinning wheels and looms that have been donated to the Guild.

Each year the Gallery hosts events. 

  • Textile Bazaars at the Guild where members can sell surplus goods, tools, fibre. All visitors welcome.

Members Only

If you are interested in selling your textile work through the Gallery, contact the Gallery Convener on 9387 9222 for detailed instructions.


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