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Carmel Parker

Committee Member

I commenced my weaving journey in the 70's at the hall in Victoria St. opposite Lygon St., where I completed the Introduction to Weaving course. I had a 4 shaft loom made and continued my weaving for a few years.

I became interested in further study and after 11 years completed my MBA, while working full time which gave me no time to weave. Following this I changed my career to Human Resources Manager.

The loom was shifted to the roof cavity and only came down to be dusted and used again when I retired. I found the HWSGV again, completed the Introduction to Weaving a second time and started weaving. I had always dabbled in textile craft before with knitting embroidery etc.

I love the people I meet and how much I can learn from the members while volunteering at the Guild. I enjoy helping people who come in or directing them to one of our many experienced members to answer their questions and overall being part of the Guild.

Carmel Parker
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