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This striking yarn has been beautifully handspun using merino, silk and bunny fibres.

There is a natural variance in the thickness of the yarn with white/grey-blue slubs scattered through.

It is slightly less than 10 ply [9-10WPI] and would knit or crochet nicely into a hat or mitts. A vest, scarf or shawl is possible as there are several skeins available in different weights. Or use it as the weft in weaving for a unique scarf. 

Approx 10 ply [9 to 10 WPI] 156 Metres per 100g. Hand wash only.

Handspun yarn is fascinating and unpredictable. It is best to do a tension square and hand wash it.

Hand spun, merino, silk, bunny mix. Approx 10 ply. 80g

SKU: 107/557
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