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Weave Study Group

This group caters to weavers using 4 or 8 shaft looms who wish to extend or brush up on their skills.

Weave Study Group

This group works to a two month window for each structure we are weaving. Dates are shared at each meeting.
When: The Group meets via Zoom with occasional face to face gatherings to show off our finished textiles.
The group meets March – October and works to a schedule where we study and weave a structure over a two month period.
Share structure – 1st Tuesday of Month One, 8pm via zoom
Discuss planned projects and our own research – 3rd Tuesday of Month One, 8pm via zoom
Share finished cloth - 3rd Sunday of Month Two, 1:30 pm via zoom
Contact: Guild Secretary

Weavers in this group have looms with four shafts or more. We meet to study and weave following a different structure every two months. Group members are given a basic overview of the structure and do their own research and project planning. They may use their own books, online resources and/or books and magazines from the Guild library.
We share our previous knowledge and our research within the group and are free to weave whatever projects take our fancy. Some members weave samples, others make decorative textiles, still others weave functional cloth. The group is designed to give members all the flexibility they need, including coming to meetings to chat without weaving along.
This group is ideal for weavers who want a little structure to keep weaving and learning outside the more formal setting of a course.
The group is suitable for:
• weavers who have completed introductory or certificate courses
• Melbourne-based and affiliate Guild members who are unable to regularly travel to the Guild rooms
• people who want to keep making and expanding their skills in a relaxed and supportive environment

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