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Summer School January 2021

Summer school is now open for bookings. Join us over January for a wonderful day of learning and companionship with fellow crafters at one of our classes. Face to face and zoom is planned.
Click on the link for a full explanation of each class. Book on line via weteachme or contact us.

Application form only for those not booking on line.

Summer school runs from  January 6th to 24th.


The Classes!

Come Dye with me with Jan Brown

No Sew Amish Rugs Part one and two  

The Magic of Drum carding with Janet Day

Spinning Painted Braids Creatively with Terry Morris

Knit your First Sock! with Lyn Fitzgerald.

Keeping Silk Worms with Dr Natasha Amendola

Pin Looms with Trudi

Brioche Knitting 2 with Ruth Watson

Ply Split Braiding for Beginners with Marilla Cooper

Krokbragd on the inkle loom with Ruth Mitchell

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