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Melbourne Kumihimo Group

When: The group meets monthly from February to November on the 4th Thursday of the month.

Time: from 10.30 to 2.00pm.

Where: Guild rooms, 655 Nicholson Street, North Carlton 3054.

Membership: Membership is $20 a year. This entitles members to use the library, yarns and equipment. Kumihimo equipment can also be hired at a small cost to members.


Meetings generally include a demonstration and / or hand-on braiding, show and tell and discussion.


Visitors are always welcome.


About Japanese Braiding

Japanese braiding (kumihimo) is becoming increasingly popular around the world. The multiplicity of patterns and the different shapes of braid make it a fascinating craft. Both decorative and useful, these braids can either add that special finishing touch to handcrafted items or just be beautiful on their own.

Braids are made using a stool or a loom and a number of weighted bobbins, the number of bobbins varying according to the style of braid to be made. (A braiding style dictates which order to move the bobbins in and where they are moved to.) The most versatile piece of equipment to use is the marudai (pronounced MAroo-DA-ee), a round-topped stool with a hole in the centre. With just eight bobbins you can make quite an amazing variety of braids even using one simple braiding style simply by changing the layout of the strands or by varying the colours of the strands

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